Virginia Insurance License

Virginia Insurance License

An insurance agent is a reliable first point of contact, who sells different types of insurance policies to clients.

If you find yourself suitable for this career path, then you should obtain an insurance license. To get the license, you must know what an insurance agent does on a daily basis and what it takes to get one.

We have already done the research and covered all the questions that you may ask.

How do I print my Virginia insurance license?

If you need or want to have the printed version of your Virginia insurance license, then you can do it quite easily. All you need to do is visit this page. Then, click on the button “Print a License”. When you do, it will show a required field to fill in. Accordingly, fill in the personal information (SSN, last name, license number) about you.

If you complete these steps, then you will be able to print your insurance license.

How do I verify an insurance agent?

Generally, most clients want to verify an insurance agent’s credentials to ensure that their license is in good standing. To put it differently, they try to make sure that the insurance agent is a professional in his job and will provide quality service.

If you want to verify your insurance agent, you can do it by visiting the NAIC’s Consumer Information Source (CIS).

You may also get licensing information on the given insurance agent on the Virginia Bureau of Insurance website.

In case you need it, here is the contact information.

Virginia State Corporation Commission – Bureau of Insurance
P.O. Box 1157
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 371-9741

What is my insurance NPN number?

There may be illegal or unethical practices in the insurance market. For this reason, insurance agencies and agents want to protect their reputation and name. The only option is to get a national producer number or NPN.
NPN is an identifier, which makes it easy for individuals to work with or as an insurance agent. The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) issues NPN to agents or companies.

NPN is works through the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC’s) licensing application process and makes the licensing process less complicated.

If you need to check or see your insurance NPN number, then go through this link. Then click on one of the options (individual SSN, License number, agency FEIN). Hereby, select one of them.

The last step is to check the CAPTCHA box and press on the “Submit Query” button. Providing that you complete all the mentioned steps, the search tool will automatically provide you with the information you need.

How do I renew my Virginia insurance license?

In the state of Virginia, there are insurance licenses that do not expire. Nevertheless, license holders will still need to renew their insurance licenses every two years. They will also need to meet the continuing education standards.

If you hold two or more types of insurance licenses, then the state of Virginia requires you to complete 24 hours of continuing education courses. If you only hold one type of license, then the number of educational hours is only 16.

Note that three hours must be devoted to professional ethics.

It is important to state that you will not need to take and pass exams for every renewal. In some cases, you will just have to take a quick insurance knowledge test. Mostly, the knowledge test depends on the educational package you choose.

The renewal fee is $22, which you will need to pay every time your license is due to expire.

The steps to get a Virginia insurance license

To obtain a Virginia insurance license, follow these steps:

  • Make up your mind which type of insurance you want to sell in your future career path.
  • Complete pre-exam education and prepare to take the exam. Note that the state of Virginia does not require a certain number of hours for pre-licensing. The studying process is completely up to you and you may decide whether you want an educational package.
  • Take the Virginia insurance licensing exam, pay the $51 examination fee and pass the exam. The exam takes place in the presence of a proctor. Thus, make sure you know the educational material very well as you cannot cheat.
  • The next phase of licensing is to undergo a criminal background check. You should pay $15 for the check service.
  • Submit the application for your insurance license here. You must pay $15 per line of discipline. Consequently, if you apply for two types, the fee would be $30.
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