Virginia Cannabis and Marijuana License

Virginia Cannabis and Marijuana License

In 2018, the State of Virginia legalized medical and adult-use marijuana through a Legislative bill. Virginia became the first southern and the 16th state of the US that allowed marijuana use for people 21 years and older. However, it is important to get a Virginia marijuana license for legally using it.

In this article, we will cover all the details on getting Virginia marijuana and cannabis licenses.

  • People who are 21 and older may possess up to one ounce (28.3 grams) of marijuana without intending to give away it.
  • Adults may grow up to four marijuana plants per household for personal use. They may grow the plants both indoors and outdoors. However, the plants must be at a primary house and not visible from the public street. The owner’s name and driver’s license or state identification number must be written on each plant. People under the age of 21 must not be allowed access to the plants.
  • Adults may share up to one ounce of marijuana in private. But, they must not take any money or another financial compensation instead.

Cannabis and Marijuana License – What is Illegal in Virginia?

  • People who are under the age of 21 must not have or use marijuana.
  • Drivers or passengers must not use marijuana while driving.
  • Drivers or passengers must not have an open container of marijuana in a vehicle, while the vehicle is working.
  • Adults must not smoke, share, or offer marijuana in public.
  • It is not legal to have marijuana on school buses or school grounds.
  • People must not sell cannabis products or cannabis seeds.
  • People must not buy or sell marijuana, except in the case of medicinal marijuana.
  • Gifting schemes of marijuana are not legal. That is to say, people are not able to give away marijuana and purchase other goods in exchange.
  • A $25 fine will be imposed on anybody in possession of more than an ounce but less than a pound of marijuana. Possession of more than a pound of marijuana is still a crime.

How to Get a Virginia Cannabis and Marijuana License?

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy requires applying for a Pharmaceutical Processor to get a Virginia marijuana license. With getting the license, you will have the ability to deal with, cultivate, and process cannabis.

The fee for the initial application is $10000 that you must pay while applying. Once you have given permission, you must pay the permit fee which is $60000.

The Board provides Virginia cannabis licenses and dealer, processor, grower permits on annual basis. So, they must be renewed with an annual permit fee of $10000.

Virginia Marijuana Cultivation License

Virginia marijuana cultivation license permits labeling, cultivating, and packaging retail marijuana, or buying and owning marijuana seeds and plants from other facilities. As well as, sell retail marijuana or immature marijuana seeds and plants to wholesalers. The license also allows selling immature marijuana seeds and plants to consumers for cultivation purposes at home for private use.

The new Virginia law divides marijuana cultivation permits into two categories:

Class A cultivation facility

Allows the licensee to cultivate a maximum of a specific number of marijuana plants or marijuana plants in a maximum of a certain number of square feet, as defined by the Board;

Class B cultivation facility

Allows the licensee to grow marijuana plants with a tetrahydrocannabinol content of less than 1%, as measured post-decarboxylation.

Virginia Marijuana Manufacturing License

Virginia marijuana manufacturing license permits to produce, label, and package retail marijuana products, or buy and own retail marijuana from marijuana manufacturing or cultivation facilities. As well as, sell retail marijuana and its products to wholesalers, retail stores, and other marijuana facilities.

Virginia Marijuana Wholesaler License

Virginia marijuana wholesaler license permits to buy or own retail marijuana and its products. As well as, own marijuana plants and seeds from cultivation and manufacturing facilities, or other wholesalers. After buying or owning it, the license allows transferring and selling retail marijuana and its products; such as plants, seeds to cultivation and manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and other marijuana wholesalers.

Virginia Marijuana Retail License

Virginia marijuana retailer license permits to own or buy retail marijuana and its products; such as immature plants and seeds from cultivation and manufacturing facilities. After buying, the licensee may sell or resell retail marijuana and its products; such as immature plants and seeds to consumers.

How to Get a Virginia Marijuana Cultivation License?

SB 1406 (Ebbin; Lucas), and HB 2312 (Herring) include very little information on the Virginia marijuana licensing procedure that applies to all license categories.

The licensing procedure, according to HB 2312, begins with the applicant completing an application on a form given by the cannabis authority, together with a written declaration swearing and confirming that all of the data in the application is accurate.

Keep in mind that if you want o get an establishment license that needs a Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services inspection, you will need to show proof of inspection or documentation of a pending inspection request. You may apply for a license, but you will not be permitted to sell marijuana until an inspection has been conducted.

Virginia Marijuana Dispensary License

If you want to get a Virginia marijuana dispensary license, you should apply for a “Pharmaceutical Processor Permit.” As stated by the  Virginia Board of Pharmacy, several criteria are used to issue medical licenses in Virginia. Here is the list of them:

  • Security Plan
  • Financial Position
  • Marketing Plans
  • Location in Health Service Area
  • Product and Site Safety
  • Authorization to Manage Business
  • Expected Hours of Operation
  • Agriculture, Dispensing, and Production Expertise
  • Facility Blueprint and Exterior
  • Industry Involvement
  • Disciplinary Action

While many of these criteria were utilized in the application process for Virginia medical dispensaries, you can anticipate seeing many of them in the adult-use application process as well. For further information, we recommend that you keep an eye on the new Virginia Cannabis Control Authority.

Cannabis Dispensary Location in Virginia

While we can not tell you the specific parameters for an adult-use dispensary license in Virginia, you can depend on a few basic components. The location of a dispensary is a crucial aspect of starting a company, and this is something that you can expect to happen in Virginia.

When it comes to adult-use marijuana, just because it is legal in Virginia does not mean you can open a dispensary anywhere in the state. Importantly, individual towns have the ability to deny cannabis firms in virtually every legal cannabis market in the US today.

If you want to create a recreational dispensary in Virginia, a good place to start is by looking into the regions that are most likely to be cannabis-friendly. Once you have identified a few viable areas, check at factors like property costs, rental rates, and customer demographics. With this information in hand, choose a few suitable sites for your future dispensary and wait for Virginia law to take shape.

How to Apply for Cannabis Dispensary Application in Virginia?

As the cannabis business is so tightly controlled, all marketing activities must stick to company compliance procedures. As a result, you must create your marketing plan with the help of your legal and/or compliance departments.

You can guarantee that your pharmacy runs without legal infringements that might jeopardize your license by establishing a marketing strategy that sticks to local cannabis regulations. Furthermore, by strictly sticking to local rules, you will earn the respect of your community’s other company owners.

Cannabis is a risky sector to work in, especially in new areas like Virginia. As a result, if you want to operate a cannabis dispensary in Virginia, you should talk to a professional consulting business like MOST (a Cannabis consulting group) first. It can provide suitable advice in entering new areas, as shown in Virginia because we have the up-to-date expertise of such a dynamic company.

Medical Marijuana License in Virginia

It is already legal to take medical marijuana in Virginia. On the other hand, residents in Virginia may be unaware that they are eligible for medical marijuana therapy. Actually, licensed doctors in Virginia can prescribe medical marijuana for a variety of medical conditions, including cancer, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, etc.

How to Qualify?

Patients must be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition and get formal certification from a physician to be eligible for medical marijuana in Virginia. The third step is to produce your current driver’s license or state ID to prove your Virginia residency.

You must first arrange an examination with Virginia Marijuana Card to begin the procedure. Your referral will be put into the state’s medical marijuana registry after your doctor has approved you.

Appointments at Virginia Marijuana Card are held on a secure, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. Patients may join a secure video conference via their smartphone, tablet, or computer for a 20-30 minute consultation with one of the physicians. The doctors are competent to address any queries patients may have concerning the usage of marijuana for their particular ailment.

How to Get a Virginia Marijuana Card?

More than 70,000 individuals have received a medical marijuana recommendation thanks to Virginia Marijuana Card and its associated clinics around the country. Virginia Marijuana Card is unrivaled in terms of patient services and providing safe and convenient telemedicine consultations. Price match promise, same-day approval, and veteran discounts are just a few of the patient perks.

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